Where Healthy Living Becomes Empowering and Enjoyable!

I have this awful habit of letting myself slide on my goals, UNLESS there is someone I have to report back to or if there is someone relying on me to show up...

That's why I am part of coaching memberships myself, and why I wanted to create this membership community to be focused on healthy lifestyle changes!

We might have every good intention to change our lives, but actually following through on the behavioral piece of it is what can be sooooooo freaking tough!

Even as a coach, I often need support and accountability to reach the goals I'm working on!

Which is why I was inspired to create the Change Maker Collective - our BRAND NEW go-to health and well-being membership!

Here's what's included:

  • (at least!) two group coaching calls per month

  • private group chat for support and accountability between calls

  • access to special programs and challenges

What is included?

You will get a private accountability and social support chat, access to my on-demand fitness library, at least two coaching calls per month (sometimes more!), and additional resources to support your journey to a healthier lifestyle!

What if I miss a coaching call?

All coaching calls will be recorded and added to our Change Maker Collective library! So even if you join after we launch, you will still get access to the past coaching call recordings!

How long do I have to commit to the membership?

You can leave whenever you feel the membership isn't working for you any longer! There are no commitments required and no cancellation fees - although if there is something you aren't happy with, I'd love for you to reach out to me first so I can see if I might be able to help improve your experience!

What are the benefits of joining this membership?

One of the biggest predictors of success in a behavior change journey is social support and accountability! This membership will not only provide educational experiences and entertaining challenges related to healthy lifestyle habits, but you are also connected with other members who are looking to become happier and healthier (that includes me!)!

Outside of our two group sessions per month, you can also message me privately with any questions I might be able to help you with as your coach and we also have our private group chat for our members to share success stories, encourage each other through setbacks, and share motivational messages together!